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Osu Shopping Street

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Check out the stores in the Osu shopping district!

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web version Osu map

Free paper "Osu Map"

You can download the "Osu Map", which is distributed free of charge in shopping districts and other places, in PDF data format.
*The data can only be used to introduce Osu shopping district, mainly for sightseeing purposes.
We also offer delivery of the "Osu Map" to travel-related companies.Please check here.

〇Overall map(P.1〜P.2

Shop introduction (each file about 7MB)
○Put on(P.8
Download Full Page Ad/○Ameyoko Building ○KOMEHYO
Download Cover

Inbound Osu Map (mainly in English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Hangul)

We distribute them in the Osu shopping district and at hotels in the city for overseas customers.

Map of Osu_PDF (approx. 2.2MB)
Gorumet and Shopping_PDF (approx. 2MB)