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Osu Shopping Street

OSU FederationOsu Shopping District Federation

Approximately 450 of the area's stores are members of the Osu Shopping District Federation.
The Osu Shopping District Federation is organized and operated by the following eight promotion association members.

・Banshoji-dori Shopping Street Promotion Association
・Osu Shintenchi-dori Shopping Street Promotion Association
・Nagoya Osu Higashi Niomon-dori Shopping Street Promotion Association
・Oso Nioumon-dori shopping street Promotion Association
・Osu Kannon-dori shopping street Promotion Association
・Osu Monzencho shopping street Promotion Association
・Osuhon-dori shopping street Promotion Association
・Osu Akamon-dori Shopping Street Promotion Association

Osu Shopping District Federation Secretariat
3F, 3-38-9 Osu, Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi 460-0011, Japan
Chairman of Osu Shopping District Federation: Seiji Hotta

Osu Shopping Street

OSU GiftOsu Gift Certificates

These convenient gift certificates can be used at over 250 stores in the Osu Shopping District Association.