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Osu Shopping Street

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OS☆U and "Historic Osu Places of Interest" video



Osu has flourished as a gate town since the Edo period.
OS☆U introduces spots where you can feel the history of this town!
Please enjoy "Historic Osu Places" with OS☆U on Youtube.

Osu Kannon version Cast OS☆U / Moeka Isaki, Natsumi Sasaki →

Osu Kannon, which is also the origin of the name of the place, will be introduced by an Osu guide.
You can learn about Osu Kannon with OS☆U members.

Manshoji Temple version Cast OS☆U / Natsumi Sasaki, Riko Matsumoto →

Manshoji Temple was associated with Nobunaga Oda and Ieyasu Tokugawa.
Osu guide Carter Steven gave a detailed introduction of Manshoji.
It is a historic temple, but it also has many high-tech aspects that surprised even OS☆U!

100 Year Enterprise Narration by OS☆U / Aimi Natsukawa →

Osu has prospered as a gate town since the Edo period.
There are many companies that have been in business for more than 100 years, and OS☆U Aimi Natsukawa will introduce five of them in her narration.

Ameyoko Building version Cast OS☆U / Mei Koda, Aimi Natsukawa →

OS☆U will challenge a treasure hunt in the Ameyoko Building, which opened in 1977!
They will search for products that can only be purchased at the Ameyoko Building in the spacious building.
The time limit is 30 minutes.

Nakonoyama Kofun Park Version Cast OS☆U / Mei Koda , Rikoi Matsumoto →

Osu has flourished since the Edo period (1603-1867), and there is a burial mound right next to the shopping arcade.
Mei Koda and Riroi Matsumoto of OS☆U will be exploring the Nakonoyama Kofun Tomb Park.

Back Alley Part Cast OS☆U/Natsu Igawa, Rika Emoto, Saa Yamamoto, Mei Saito →

Speaking of Osu shopping district, there are more than 400 stores lining the main street with arcades, but there are also many unique and fun stores in the back alleys.
In this video, we will show you how the members of OS☆U dress up and enjoy the back alleys.

Izakaya version Cast OS☆U/ OS☆U/ Moeka Isaki, Aimi Natsukawa →

Even idols sometimes want to drink alone.
In response to such requests, OS☆U's Moka Isaki and Aimi Natsukawa will introduce some of the izakayas (Japanese-style pubs) in the charming Osu area in a "Solo no Gourmet style? to introduce you to some of the more traditional izakayas in Osu.

Osu Engeijo-hen Cast Kyokudo Rinrin →

This time, we had a performance by Kyokudo Rinrin, a storyteller.
Osu Engeijo is a stage that OS☆U has performed at many times and has a connection with.
Let's enjoy the history of Osu Engeijo together with Mr. Rinrin's storytelling!