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Osu Shopping Street

Special guest appearance at Osu Summer Festival!

August 5 (Sat) "Samplaza Nakano-kun, Pappara Kawai" and "Tetsuo Miyoshi" perform!



August 5 (Sat.) Special Guests, Samplaza Nakano-kun and Pappara Kawai, will perform at the Bon Odori Parade at the Osu Summer Festival! Saturday, August 5, 18:30-19:30 Bon Dance Parade at the 72nd Osu Summer Festival! The town of Osu will be divided into two teams, each of which will create a new Bon Dance and parade from Osu Kannon to Osu Shopping Street dancing. The music of each team is "Runner" by Bakufu Slump for the west team and "Amazing Man's Song" by Tetsuo Miyoshi for the east team. And what a surprise! Surprise !!!! After the parade, "Samplaza Nakano-kun, Pappar Kawai" and "Tetsuo Miyoshi" will perform as special guests at the Bon Odori dance held in the precincts of Osu Kannon! This is a rare chance to dance the Bon Odori dance with live singing by the performers themselves! Don't miss this opportunity and don't miss the dance!