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Osu Shopping Street

Friday, July 28, 2012

July 28 (Fri.) Manshoji Temple Fudo Myoo's Buddhist Puja (festival) / Osu Kannon Antique Market



Osu's Ennichi 28th Historically, there are many temples and shrines in the suburbs of Osu, and it is said that visiting them on Ennichi is especially beneficial. In order to familiarize visitors with the temple, various events are held every month at temples and shrines in Osu on the days of the fair. The 28th day of every month is Fudo Myoo's festival day. The 28th of every month is the feast day of Akamon Myoo (also known as "Myooon-san" by the locals). Myouon-san Fair". Akamon 28 (Nippachi) Festival: Akamon-dori is turned into a pedestrian paradise, and Osu-based idol groups OS☆U and OS☆K perform live and cosplay parades are held. In addition, an antique market is held at "Osu Kannon" from 5:00 in the morning until around 4:00 in the evening. Various antiques, such as pottery, kimonos, and cute toys, are all lined up in a row. You may be able to find a bargain! *Hours vary depending on exhibitors.