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First time in three years! Osu Street Performing Arts Festival," where the streets of Osu become the stage for street performances

The 43rd Osu Oomichi Machinami Festival



For the first time in three years, the Osu Street Performers Festival will be held!
The town of Osu will become a stage for street performances, where you can see up close a variety of arts such as juggling, butoh, pantomime, toad oil peddling, and more.
In the "Oiran Doju," the biggest symbol of the festival, women chosen from the public dress up as gorgeous oiran and parade through the streets of Osu.

Dates: Saturday, October 15 and Sunday, October 16
Eve Festival: Friday, October 14 (at Banshoji Temple)
The eve of the festival starts from 18:00 (Oiran Michu, OS☆U, Rizumuraisu, The Scovilles)

The festival will open with the "Osu Gottani Parade" filled with the energy of Osu, 51 street performers from all over Japan will perform street performances at over 17 venues, 8 groups of Oiran-donju will parade through the streets, collaboration performances by performers that can only be seen here, fantastic and mysterious performances at night, and a wrestling match for the Osu championship belt. The festival also features a variety of attractions, such as a professional wrestling venue filled with exciting fights, food stalls, and the finale of the Nagoya Festival "Hometown Heroes Procession", "Osu-no-Hanamichi", and much more!
We can't explain it all in a nutshell, so please take a look at the guidebook that will be distributed at the festival site on the day of the festival!
The draft of the guidebook is ready, so we're releasing the data ahead of time!

Guidebook cover

Guidebook page 2 (Highlights)

Page 3 of the guidebook (highlights)

Guidebook page 4 (Introduction of performers 1)

Page 5 of Guidebook (Time Schedule for 15th)

Guidebook page 6 (Venue information)

Guidebook page 7 (Oiran Road Trip Course)

Guidebook page 8 (Time Schedule for 16th)

Guidebook page 9 (Introduction of performers 2)

Guidebook page 10 (Performers introduction 3)

Guidebook page 11 (sponsorship advertisements)

Back cover of the Guidebook (Volunteer staff project)

The main poster this time is a wonderful illustration by SABADO, a TATTOO ARTIST who is the pride of Osu!