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You can be a part of the festival! Oiran Public Call for Entries

The 43rd Osu Oomichi Machinami Festival "Oiran Public Call for Entries".



Oiran-doju," a popular event of the Osu Oomichi Machinami Festival.
Many spectators look forward to this event every year.
The leading role of the Oiran (Tayu) is selected from among the general public, and is judged by the chairperson of the executive committee and other professionals involved in theater and dance.
The first screening is based on application screening.
The second screening consists of an interview and a wiggle match.
The Oiran selected through careful screening are the flower of the festival!
Please join us and make the Osu-Odo-cho Festival a great success!
Please note that although several processions will be held during the festival, you will only appear once as an oiran.

Schedule】 【Schedule

September 24 (Sat) Deadline for applications
September 30 (Fri.) Oiran preliminary screening (document screening)
  Only those who are selected to proceed to the second screening will be contacted by phone on the same day or the day after.
October 8 (Sat) Oiran second screening (explanation, wiggle room, interview, walking outside Hachimonji), meet at 6:00 p.m.
  Only successful applicants will be contacted by phone between 20:00 and 22:00 on the day.
October 11 (Tue) Oiran practice day, meet at 18:00
Oct. 14 (Fri.) Eve party
Oct. 15 (Sat.) 16 (Sun.) Osu Oomichi Machinami Festival

→Click here for a reference video of how to walk the "outer eight characters" that you will walk during the second round of interviews.

[Application Requirements
Applicants who have read and agreed to the Application Guidelines for Infectious Disease Control.
→Click here for the application guidelines regarding infectious disease control.
Women over 18 years old and over 155cm in height
Number of applicants: 10 people (2 people for the eve of the festival, 2 people x 2 courses on Saturday, 2 people x 2 courses on Sunday)
*You can apply if you can participate in one of the days of the Osu Oomichi Machinami Festival.
*In principle, applicants who have participated in the Oiran of this festival in the past are not eligible to apply.
*If you pass the first screening, you must attend the second screening and the practice day. If you fail to attend, your acceptance will be cancelled.
Fake nails, hair extensions, and eyelash extensions are not acceptable.
*Please attach a picture of any tattoos that will be visible through the kimono.
*Foreigners are also welcome to apply. Foreign applicants must be accompanied by someone who can speak Japanese.

How to apply

Please submit the application form below, or send it by mail or in person.
Please fill in the required information and attach at least two photos.

→Click here for the application form.

→Click here to submit by mail or in person.

The schedule and content may be subject to change depending on the status of new coronavirus infection.
Only successful applicants will be contacted by phone.
We will not give reasons for acceptance or rejection.
We will not return any of the submitted documents.
Personal information provided will not be used for any purpose other than those related to the Osu Oomichi Machinami Festival Oiran general public application.

Inquiries: Osu Shopping Street Federation and Osu Oomachijin Matsuri Oiran
Osu Shopping Street Federation, Osu Oomichi Machin Matsuri Executive Committee
TEL 052-261-2287
There will be no "kamuro" recruitment this time.