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Call for participants!

Osu Puyopuyo eSports Tournament



Osu Summer Festival will hold "Osu Puyopuyo eSports Tournament".
If you like Puyopuyo, why don't you participate in the tournament to win prizes?
We look forward to your participation!

 ◆August 6 (Saturday)
Place/PuyoPuyo eSports Preliminary Rounds (Osu Kannon, east of the bell tower)
Preliminary Rounds/13:00~
Final Game/18:15~
Tournament pairings will be decided on the day of the event.

Rain or shine
The schedule is subject to change depending on the progress of the tournament.

Tournament Rules
Title: Puyopuyo eSports for PS4
No equipment can be brought into the venue.
Preliminary round: 1 game
Final 2 games will be played first.

Winner / Osu gift certificate worth 100,000 yen
Prize winners (2nd-8th) / Osu gift certificate worth 10,000 yen
Participation Prize / Dig World Nagoya Meieki Minami Bowling 1G Invitation Ticket (set of 5)

Application form ▶︎︎

If there are too many applicants, a drawing will be held.
*In order to prevent infectious diseases, masks will be distributed to those without masks and sterilizing sprays will be placed at the venue.