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We will do it again this year! Osu Grand Sale

The 12th Osu Spring Festival: Mucha-sale Festival!



4/6(Sat)4/7(Sun) Osu Spring Festival: Mucha-sale Festival!

What kind of Mucha-sales will pop up this year?
Don't miss out on the amazing prices at about 120 participating stores!
Is that possible? There will be a variety of events, such as the "Unbelievable Sale", the "Champion Belt Carnival", the "Osu Taiko Drum Performance", and a raffle for great prizes! We have a lot of fun activities such as a raffle, a carnival of champion belts, Osu Taiko drum performances, and a lot of prizes to win! It's going to be another Osu-like festival this year!

Please look forward to it!

Thank you for your patience! Please click here to see the details of each store's Mocha sales!
>The 12th Mucha Sale Festival