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Osu Shopping Street

Mamemaki (bean-throwing ceremony) is available at Osu Kannon and Manshoji Temple!

February 3 (Sat) Setsubun Kai



■Mamemaki (bean throwing) from a special stage at Osu Kannon

The beans are thrown from a special stage at Osu Kannon,
The bean-throwing ceremony is held at Osu Kannon, praying for the "seven misfortunes and seven blessings to be destroyed and the seven blessings to be born.

Time: 10:00-18:00
Fee: 3,000 yen (4,000 yen with Masu)
(advance sale: 2,800 yen / 3,800 yen with Masu)

The "Setsubun Treasure Boat Procession" will also depart from Sakae!
A parade of "Lucky Gods" in convertible cars and "Seven Gods of Good Fortune" in treasure ships will parade from "Hope Plaza" in Hisaya-odori Park to Osu Kannon.
The parade will climax with the "Onioi Ceremony" on a special stage at Osu Kannon.
Setsubun Treasure Boat Procession: 13:18-
Onioi Ceremony: around 15:00

Mamemaki (bean-throwing ceremony) at the main hall of Manshoji Temple

12:00-17:00 (Registration: 11:30-16:30)
<Prayer for Bean-throwing Ceremony to ward off bad luck
Prayer fee: 3,000 yen *2,000 yen to take home the Masu
<Hoshi Matsuri (Star Festival)
Prayer fee 3,000 yen

The limited New Year's gift for Setsubun and red seals are also popular.