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Osu Shopping Street

Instructed by top-notch performers! (Closed)

The 44th Osu Street People's Festival / Free Street Performance Experience Event! (Ended)



In conjunction with the Osu Street Performers Festival, we will be inviting balloon performer Syan and kendama master Yusuke Ito to participate in a street performance experience event! This is a rare chance to experience street performance under the supervision of top-notch performers! Don't miss it! Date: Saturday, October 14, 2023 Syan (Balloon) Sunday, October 15, 2023 Yusuke Ito (Kendama) ①13:30-14:00 (Registration 12:30-13:00) ②15:30-16:00 (Registration 14:30-15:00) ③17:30-18:00 (Registration 16:30-17:00) (Registration: 16:30~17:00) (20 people per session (advance reservations required) *Available on the day of the event.