Pawnshop CLOAK Nagoya Osu

Pawnshop CLOAK Nagoya Osu Branch does not want customers to feel intimidated by the image of pawnshops as "old," "dark," or "difficult to enter. It is a new style pawnshop that does not carry the name of a pawnshop on its storefront, born out of the concept that "privacy protection comes first". We are a store where 60% of our customers are women, so you can use our store with peace of mind. We specialize in the purchase of precious metal products such as gold and platinum, as well as loans through pawnbroking. We also deal in diamonds, jewelry, luxury watches, brand-name bags, and a wide range of other items such as gold certificates, musical instruments, and home electrical appliances. A 10-second walk east from Osu Kannon Station. For those coming by car, there is a free parking space in front of the store.

Shop news

We are now taking back gold, platinum and other precious metals at Nagoya's top class purchase price! High pawn financing by Rolex and other luxury timepieces!

shop information

Street name
22-4, Osu 2-chome, Naka-ku, Nagoya City
business hours
Regular holiday
7, 17, 27, Sun.