HSP Healing Cafe Kakureminoya Nagoya Osu branch

We are a total healing store that works on the body, mind, and consciousness with the motto of being gentle to people and gentle to nature, including custom-made power stone bracelets. We offer custom-made power stone bracelets, healing goods, meditation, and healing. For those of you who want to get in shape and meet a new you again. We also create custom-made bracelets with energy check because we are a healing store. What is the color of your aura? Chakra Reading Chakras are said to be the seven jewels in the body. We will read and guide you through the state of balance of the chakras. We will make a custom-made power stone bracelet according to your aura and chakras. We will look at the detailed compatibility between you and the stones using aurings and pendulums, so you will be able to experience not only the type of stones that suit you, but also the number of them, on the spot while we make your bracelet. (Online chakra reading and bracelet making is also available.) We offer many benefits to those who have a bracelet made, including one year of care! Please come to our store ^^.

Shop news

December: Chakra Reading + Bracelet Making Campaign ☆ Special discount for a pair of bracelets 💖.

shop information

Street name
Osu Niomon Shopping Street
2-30-3 Osu, Naka-ku, Nagoya City
business hours
Regular holiday
Mondays (in case Monday is a national holiday, it may be changed to the following day)